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Here at Favored Auto Sales, we focus on you! With over 30 years combined experience in the auto industry, we have found what most of the problems are... So, we opened our own dealership to fix all of those problem!

Problems we saw, and how FAVORED AUTO CHANGED IT:

1. You know the car you want, but the dealership doesn't have it.

ANSWER: AT FAVORED AUTO SALES, we tailor our inventory to what you want. Of course we always have various cars for you, BUT IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT ESPECIALLY, LET US KNOW, AND WE WILL MAKE THAT CAR AVAILABLE TO YOU! (Generally)

2. You get to the dealership, find the car you want, but, you don't get approved for financing.

ANSWER: AT FAVORED AUTO SALES, we have many different lenders! OVER 99% OF PEOPLE that fill out a financing application ARE APPROVED!!
3. Sales team members seem pushy for a sale, not what is perfect for you, the buyer!

ANSWER: AT FAVORED AUTO SALES, our sales team members don't have a minimum number of sales required each month and most of our members are God Fearing family people who want you to not only be fully happy with your purchase, but ease your mind of any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is dedicated to you, and with that, you can bet, you will leave with a smile!

Here at Favored Auto Sales, we are different... and proud of that! We look forward to working with you on your next auto purchase... whether it be car, van, truck, motorcycle.... and the list goes on!